Company Profile

Learn about our strategy and history. 


Optimize the long-term value creation for our customers and become the preferred supplier for customized sawmill equipment.

Mission (way of working)

  • Capturing the value creation within and between each of the processes applying an end to end perspective
  • Integrating mechanical solution and automation in new creative ways

Business Concept

To sell and produce total solutions to the sawmill industry, from the logs arrive to the sawmill to the boards are stacked on a pallet ready for sale or further treatment.


Brødbæk is founded as a trade company by Bente and Kaj Brødbæk.


Brødbæk & Co. takes up export.
– UK and Ireland
– Germany
– Norway
start up own electricity and software department.

Automation department added.

Business partner buy out and leaves with agency for cutting tools.
Organization divides in administration, sales, design, production and electricity.
Design and production of log lines, sawing- and edging lines, sorting and stacking lines.

Leif Dam appointed as CEO.

Kaj Brødbæk sells Brødbæk & Co. to Obel-P Group.

Facilities are expanded by acquisition of neighbouring company in Vonge. 1700 m2 for production and administration.

Rolf Overgaard appointed as CEO.

New management team appointed.