Meet the people of Brødbæk

Through brief presentation videos you can get to know our diverse team. 

Our company

Meet several of our key employees as we welcome you inside our production facilities.

Job openings

We are always looking for new talent to join our diverse team. Currently, we are looking for:

And more. You are always welcome to reach out to us on +45 20 30 87 63 or if you want to learn more about available positions. 

Meet our Blacksmith - Henrik

Henrik speaks on how the work tasks differ – and how the colleagues support each other.

Meet one of our Production Managers - Sonny

Sonny speaks on the work environment at Brødbæk – how there is room for everyone.

Meet our CEO - Thomas Nielsen

Watch Thomas speak of the company’s future and opportunities for further growth.

Meet our Sales Director - Leif

Leif speaks on expansion opportunities – and the diverse range of employees at Brødbæk.

Meet our Head of Electricity - Martin

Martin speaks on project management and how departmens work together.

Meet our Designers - Nanna and Jens

Nanna and Jens speak on how every person at every department get their ideas heard.

Meet our Designers - Heidi and Peter

Heidi and Peter speak on how they get to make their own decisions on their domains.

Meet our Travel Fitter - Thomas B.

Thomas speaks on how he gains new competencies regularly. 

Meet our Automation Technician - Daniel

Daniel speaks on the joy of travelling and working on complex machinery.