Edging lines

Brødbæk & Co develop, produce and install edging lines, to improve the yield on boards.

Edging line Infeed

The edging lines are supplied in several versions/capacities depending on cus-tomer’s requirements. 

The edging lines can be adapted to the capacity requirement of the customer.

The lines process boards freshly sawn as well as kiln dried boards and planks.

Two operating systems are used:

  • An automatic system with pre-defined parameters, where the supervisor commands the line remotely.
  • A semi-automatic system with manual options with the operator standing up as a supervisor.

The core element of the edging lines is the BCO 800/- series saw.

Edger BCO 800/60

Edger has up to 6 individually adjustable saw blades and various systems for measuring and optimizing.

Videoclip: Edging lines.

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