Flexible Sawmill


Brødbæk & Co. flexible sawmill lines for timber production. These types of sawmill lines are based on maximizing flexibility for sawing several different products.

The concept allows for presorted as well as for unsorted logs to be sawn.

Log measuring and optimizing is carried out by use of 3D measuring equipment for maximum recovery or by use of simpler 2D scanning equipment. 

The machinery set-up may include band saws or circular saws or a combination of both. The layout  can be a straight line, merry go round or a combination. The sideboards can be made by using a profiling line or an edging line.

Brødbæk & Co. sawmill lines are supplied on turnkey basis - wired and tested - to reduce installation and commissioning time.



Log intake 
"straight line setup"  

"merry go round setup"   


Videoclip: Flexible Saw line 
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