1984: Founded as a trade company by Bente and Kaj Brødbæk.
1986: Starting up own production of conveyors and transport equipment with a partner 50/50. 
1989: Project order for a complete sawmill to Rold Skov (DK). Value 3.6 Mio. €. 
1990: Brødbæk & Co. takes up export.
UK and
start up own electricity and software department.
1995: Business partner buy out and leaves with agency for cutting tools. 
Organization divides in administration, sales, design, production and electricity. 
Design and production of log lines, sawing- and edging lines, sorting and stacking lines.
2000: Expansion with 3100 m2 in Uldum. 
Leif Dam is promoted from design manager to managing Director 
Kaj Brødbæk becomes sales manager.
2004: Kaj Brødbæk sells Brødbæk & Co. to Obel-P Group.
2007: Leif Dam becomes Director for sales and marketing.
2009: Production at the Uldum facilities are terminated and all activities are moved back to Vonge.
2011: Claus Rasmussen is employed to be director for Sales and Marketing